Monte Magic

Monte Magic: 3 reel video slot game, three-card monte magician theme with bonus game.

Reels 3
Coins 1-3
Pay-lines 1
Min.wager 1c
Max. wager $10x3
Game jackpot 24,000
Wild symbol Yes
Scatter symbol No
Free Spin feature No
Bonus feature Yes
Win rate 19%


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Monte Magic is a 3 reel, 1 line magical adventure. The neat retro theme creates a simple yet addictive playing environment with more than just a few incentives. With a jackpot worth up to 2400x your coin value, Monte Magic is well placed to both entertain you and potentially change your life forever! The smooth graphics do a good of fusing the old school concept with modern technology with impressive style. There’s more to this slot than meets the eye with consistent wild symbols hitting the reels and a bonus round that’s actually based on skill rather than luck.

Check out Monte Magic today and find out if our favourite magician can pull more than just a rabbit out of his hat for you!


There are two components to the wagering system at Monte Magic. First of all, the coin value can be set anywhere from $0.01 up to $10. Secondly, you can choose to bet 1, 2 or 3 coins on each spin. This creates a wagering range of $0.01 to $30. This means that Monte Magic is suitable for both high rollers and players with more conservative balances. Anyone can experience the magic that Monte has to offer, whatever their budget.

Features and symbols

Although Monte Magic is based on a very simple 3 reel, 1 line concept there is still lots to keep your mind occupied. When you opt to bet the maximum of 3 coins per spin this activates the wild symbol and the bonus round. The top hat wild symbol is also the jackpot symbol so it’s important to note that the value of it knows no bounds! When you hit a winning line using one wild symbol then your winnings are multiplied by 2. Hit a winning line using two wild symbols and your winnings are generously multiplied 4!

The bonus round is triggered by hitting the ‘rabbit in a hat’ symbol on the third reel. Once this happens, the game takes you to a new bonus screen and then the skill can begin. You are first presented with an array of face up cards showing winning values. These cards are then turned face down and shuffled up in a way that invites you to follow the card you hope to pick. Once this is completed you are then asked to pick three cards which are shown to you followed by a further shuffle. At this point you are given the opportunity to pick your winning card. If your eyes have served you well then you’ll hopefully pick the highest winning amount!

  • Top Hat Symbol: Pays 800 – 2400 Credits
  • Bunny Rabbit Symbol: Pays 80 – 160 Credits
  • Triple Star Symbol: Pays 40 – 80 Credits
  • Double Star Symbol: Pays 25 – 50 Credits
  • Single Star Symbol: Pays 10 – 20 Credits
  • Mixed Stars: Pays 5 – 10 Credits
  • Magic Wand Symbol: Pays 2 – 20 Credits