Island Hoppers

3-reel video slot game, Caribbean airline theme.

Island Hoppers is a straightforward, three-reel, online slot game. The name references the small aircraft that are used to quickly move people and goods between the islands of the Caribbean. Island Hoppers offers a wide variety of winning symbol combinations across the single pay-line on the center of the three reels. Use one, two or three coins in any wager; each additional coin increases the pay-out multiplier for any winning combination of symbols. The Airplane and Seven symbols act as Scatter symbols; three of either anywhere in any position on any of the reels results in a seventy-five times the coin bet pay-out. The jackpot symbol is the Pilot’s Wings. Wager a single coin and three Pilot’s Wings pays out one thousand times the coin bet. Increase to two coins and the jackpot increases to fifteen-hundred times the coin bet. For the maximum three coins the jackpot is two-thousand times the coin bet. Max bet.Max. coin pays $20,000 so get your wings!

To play Island Hoppers slots:

Select the coin value for the wager by using the '+' and '-' arrows on either side of the coin selector button on the lower left side of the screen below the reels.

Choose from $0.01 to $10

Then select the number of coins to be used for each spin using the BET ONE button.

The total amount to be wagered is displayed in the BET window.

Start the game using the SPIN button.

Use AUTO PLAY to preset up to 500 games to play automatically

Use BET MAX to quickly set the number of coins wagered to the maximum available and start the game at the same time.

Use STOP SPIN to end the game at any point whilst the reels are spinning.

Once the game ends, any winning combinations will be highlighted on the pay-table above the reels.

Any winnings will be paid automatically into the player account.

Game Details:

Reels 3
Coins 1-3
Pay-lines 1
Min.wager 1c
Max. wager $10x3
Game jackpot 20,000
Wild symbol No
Scatter symbol Yes
Free Spin feature No
Bonus feature No
Win rate 16%