American Roulette

The classic casino table game. American version

Roulette is one of the oldest, easiest to play and most fun games available at any casino.

The online American Roulette game differs from the European version in that the wheel contains a double-zero pocket in addition to the thirty-seven pockets, numbered zero to thirty-six. Half of the numbers are colored red, the other half are colored black. The zeroes are green.

At the start of the game, the wheel is spun and a small, white ball is dropped into the area above the wheel. The ball spins counter-clockwise, against the direction the wheel is spinning. Eventually gravity pulls the ball into one of the pockets on the wheel. Where the ball lands is the result of the game. Adjacent to the wheel is a table with areas marked out with various sections.

The objective for the player is to try and anticipate which pocket the ball will end up in and wager accordingly.

The different types of bet permitted in Roulette are listed below:

 Bet name Bet type Win positions Example Pay-out
Zero Inside 0, 00 0, 00 35-1
Straight up Inside Any single number 8 35-1
Split Inside Any two adjoining numbers 23-24 17-1
Street Inside Any three numbers, horizontal 7-8-9 11-1
Corner Inside Four numbers, in a block 13-14-16-17 8-1
Basket Inside Three numbers, including a zero  0-00-2 6-1
Six line Inside Any six numbers from two adjacent rows 4-5-6-7-8-9 5-1
1st column Outside Twelve numbers, vertical 1-34 2-1
2nd column Outside Twelve numbers, vertical 2-35 2-1
3rd column Outside Twelve numbers, vertical 3-36 2-1
1st dozen Outside Twelve numbers, numeric 1-12 2-1
2nd dozen Outside Twelve numbers, numeric 13-24 2-1
3rd dozen Outside Twelve numbers, numeric 25-36 2-1
Odd Outside All odd numbers   1-1
Even Outside All even numbers   1-1
Black Outside All Black numbers   1-1
Red Outside All Red numbers   1-1
1-18 Outside All numbers, 1-18   1-1
19-36 Outside All numbers, 19-36   1-1

To begin the game of American Roulette:

Click on one of the three denominations of chips to the right of the table. Chips are valued at $1.00, $10.00 and $25.00. The chosen Chip will be highlighted.
Then move the cursor to the position on the table where the bet is to be placed. As the pointer moves over the table surface, different portions of the landscape are highlighted. Once the bet position is decided, a click will deposit the chip into position and the bet is ready
The TOTAL BET window indicates the value of chips currently wagered
Players may place as many different bets as they like on the table before the game starts.
Inside bets are limited to $100.00 per position.
All outside bets are limited to $300.00
The minimum bet is $1.00
The table limit is $15.200.00
To start the game, place chips onto the table, then click the SPIN button. Once the wheel finishes and the game result is resolved, a marker is placed on the table indicating the result of the game. At that point, any winnings are paid directly to the player’s account. The chips are not removed automatically, allowing the player to quickly repeat the previous wager.
Use the CLEAR button to remove all chips from the table