7x Lucky 7s slots

Three-reel video slot game, two wild symbols and a must win progressive jackpot.

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7x Lucky 7s is the first in a series of slot games from WGS called WILD X. The main feature of this game is the must-win progressive jackpot that is guaranteed to pay out once it reaches $25,000, but can be triggered at any time, at any value, by any wager, completely at random. However, the closer the total gets to the $25,000 threshold, the higher the likelihood it will trigger.

The game also includes a double-or-nothing gamble feature that allows the player to potentially double every win, eight winning symbol combinations, the ability to be one, two or three credits to increase the value of any win and two Wild symbols.

The 7x Lucky 7s Wilds

The game includes two 7x Lucky 7s symbols that are wild; they substitute for any other symbol to create a winning combination.

One Wild in a winning combination = Prize is multiplied by 7x

Two wild symbols in a winning combination = Prize is multiplied by 49x

To play 7x Lucky 7s slots:

Select the coin value for the wager by using the UP and DOWN COIN buttons.

Choose from $0.01 to $5

The choose the number of credits to bet on each pay-line using the UP and DOWN CREDIT buttons.

Choose from one to three credits.

The total amount to be wagered is the COIN value multiplied by the number of CREDITS.

Start the game using the SPIN REELS button.

Use AUTO PLAY to preset up to 500 games to play automatically

Use MAX BET to quickly set the number of coins wagered to the maximum available and start the game at the same time.

Once the game ends, any winning combinations will be highlighted on the pay-table above the reels.

Any winnings will be paid automatically into the player account.

To review the pay-table details, click the VIEW MORE PAYS button.

Game Details:

Reels 3
Coins 1-3
Pay-lines 1
Min. wager $0.01
Max. wager $5.00x3
Game jackpot $25,0000
Wild symbol Yes
Scatter symbol No
Free spin feature No
Bonus feature No


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