Win, Place or Show

Win, Place or Show: 3 reel, single pay-line video slot game with progressive jackpot

Current Jackpot: {jackpot|WP|CC|en_US|USD}

Reels 3
Coins 1-3
Pay-lines 1
Min. wager  $0.50
Max. wager $1.50
Game jackpot {jackpot|WP|CC|en_US|USD}
Wild symbol No
Scatter symbol No
Free Spin feature No
Bonus feature No
Win rate 23%

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Win, Place or Show combines the excitement of the slots with the thrill of the track; three reels and horse racing, all packaged up in a classic 1960s Vegas stye brass slot machine.


This game doesn't ask much when it comes to wagering decisions. The coin value starts at 50 cents and wagers can be made with one, two or three coins. Changing the total bet from 50 cents to $1.00 or the maximum $1.50 is done using the Bet One button. The Bet indicator illustrates the total number of coins in the current wager; as well the pay-table will highlight to show the available winning multipliers.

Start the game using the Spin Reels button. Play Max automatically sets the coins played to the maximum of three. Auto Play allows a preset number of spins to be decided and the the reels spun automatically.


The current jackpot is displayed i the window above the pay-table. The top prize can be won only when three trophy symbols are displayed on the single pay-line, one on each of the three reels. The full jackpot is only paid if the maximum three coins are wagered.