Treasure Trail

Treasure Trail: 3 reel, single pay-line video slot game with progressive jackpot.

Current Jackpot: $74,827.62

Reels 3
Coins 1-3
Pay-lines 1
Min. wager $1.25
Max. wager $3.75
Game jackpot $74,827.62
Wild symbol Yes
Scatter symbol No
Free Spin feature No
Bonus feature No
Win rate 22%

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Treasure Trail is a classic three-reel slot of the kind you'd see banks of in the casinos from the 1960s. The neon lights reflecting off the solid brass casing, the click of the handles being pulled, the sound of the mechanical reels spinning and the rush of the cascade of coins spilling out into the tray as the winning combinations appeared.


With a single pay-line across the center of its three reels, wagering on Treasure Trail couldn't be easier. There is a single coin value accepted; $1.25. The only decision to be made is whether to bet one, two or three coins at a time. This is done by clicking on the Bet One button. As the button is pressed the indicator will show 1, 2 or 3 and the pay-table highlighting will also change accordingly. Start the reels spinning using the Spin Reels button. Play Max automatically sets the number of coins played to the maximum of three. Auto Play allows a preset number of spins to be determined and played automatically.


The progressive jackpot grows as more wagers are placed. At any time the amount displayed in the window above the pay-table can be won. The jackpot symbol is the same as the Wild symbol. Any winning combination that includes a wild symbol is automatically doubled in value. A winning combination containing two Wild symbols is quadrupled. The jackpot is triggered by three Wild symbols appearing across the single pay-line, one on each of the three reels.

A jackpot combination from a single ($1.25) wager wins 15% of the available jackpot

A jackpot combination from a two coin ($2.50) wager wins 25% of the available jackpot

A jackpot combination from a three coin ($3.75) wager wins 100% of the available jackpot!