5 card mulligan poker

Mulligan poker: Exclusive poker game.

Player and Dealer receive five cards each, face down.

Player's cards are revealed.

Based on the cards, player can choose to keep the hand, or 'take a Mulligan' in which case the initial hand is burned and a new set of five cards is dealt to the player. In order to 'take a Mulligan' the player is required to double their initial bet.

If the player chooses to keep the original hand then the dealer's cards are revealed and the best poker hand wins (Winning hand pays 1:1)

If the player chooses to 'take a Mulligan' then the initial player bet is doubled, the new set of cards is dealt and both the dealer and player hands are revealed.

The dealer is forced to 'take a mulligan' if the dealer hand is King High or lower.

Bonus Bet: There is a bonus side-bet available with a separate pay-table.

Table Limits:

Ante: $100

Mulligan/Raise: $100

Bonus: $25